Ahmed Shehab Resume


Career bjective

To share a success story with teammates who are insatiable for growing personally and professionally to contribute a useful margin by adding small better values to the society and self; through learning and utilizing varied acquired personal experience along with proper tools provided to come up with the best practice model.

Professional Record

Marketing Director
Cairo, Egypt
Core roles
  • Producing and planning strategic operating plans and objectives for the long-term as well as ensuring all short-term targets have been achieved within the timeframe.
  • Ensuring the company’s strategic objectives and plans which have been set are being met.
  • Analyzing and monitoring the progress of the marketing, sales and finance divisions.
  • Reporting the day to day operations statistical reports to the vice president with filed suggestions and market overview.
  • Maintaining sales channels and following up with class A clients from service quality to delivery.
Customer Service Supervisor
Mar-16 To Sep-16
Cairo, Egypt
Core roles
  • Assure customer’s technical and billing process and elaborating any activity of advisors within accounts.
  • Monitor the service levels and assure quality standards.
  • Performance analysis and training support.
  • HR and administration duties related.
Senior Sales Supervisor
Oct-15 To Feb-16
Core roles
  • Maintain and improve sales flow process for 4 outlets out of 8.
  • Stock validation as per business standards.
  • Daily reporting and follow up with end customers.
  • Assessing sales team KPIs and training support.
Key Accounts Manager
Dec-14 To Oct-15
Doha, Qatar
Core roles
  • Design and improve after sale process.
  • Manage & enhance business relationship with partner dealers and OEM’s and building rapports.
  • Renegotiate the contract terms & conditions with partners to close deals.
  • Assign the potential and convince new market leads to join our unique platform.
  • Negotiate exclusive deals with partners & initiate diverse co-branded marketing.
  • Ensure listings quality and freshness & quality
  • Build and communicate in a personal wise with partner’s and user’s complains.
Admin HR Accountant
Dec-13 To Dec-14
Doha, Qatar
Core roles
  • Revenue – Expenses – Advertising Campaigns reporting & analysis.
  • Issuing Invoices & balances pursuance.
  • Cash & Bank reconciliation.
  • Adherence maintaining & other administrative pertaining.
  • Preparing statements & managing payrolls.
  • Organizing HR activities.
  • Public relation & coordination with customers & users.
Customer Service Advisor
Nov-12 To Oct-13
Cairo, Egypt
Core roles
  • Customer queries fulfillment and assure the quality standards.
  • manage & train a team of 15-25 Agents in a raw & report the KPI’s to the operation management.
  • Resolve disconcerting situations easily and timely to maintain client’s satisfaction.
  • Conduct in a positive professional attitude manner handling complaints.
Public Accountant
Sep-10 To Oct-12
Core roles
  • Financial reporting and managing the current accounts.
  • Preparing financial statements (Balance sheet, income, cash flow & shareholder's equity statements).
  • Auditing and Taxation Services.
  • Managing the employee payroll.
  • Stock control & Bank reconciliations validating.
  • Cost processing & Variance analyzing.
  • Due diligence audit report.
  • ERP systems and web-based applications (QuickBooks, Peachtree)


Organizational Knwoledge
Problem Identification
Mac OS & Windows
Microsoft Office
PHP & Javascript
Google Analytics
Business Writing
Educational Qualification
BSC. in Commerce & Business Administration

Courses & Training

Pro Timeline

  • 2008

    Al Mogazi Auditors


    Learning and implementing the basics of accounting During my last year in college

  • 2009

    Plast Rafia

    Junior Accountant

    Nominated by my former employer to take a responsibility of finance in the industrial field

  • 2010

    Adlan Public Accountants

    Senior Accountant

    By that time I aimed to deep dive in finance field when I acquired some professional skills

  • 2012

    Telecom Egypt

    Customer Service Advisor

    Decided to dive more into the science of accounting while studying CMA and gaining the art of connect

  • 2013

    Talabat Services

    Admin HR Accountant

    Hence I had the chance to utilize my humble expertise abroad and to learn about the corporate culture

  • 2014

    Rocket Internet

    Key Accounts Manager

    Proudly elected by the new management to boost up Carmudi in the Gulf area

  • 2015

    NFPM-Exceed Industrial

    Senior Sales Supervisor

    I have got a new offer in the sales field in the semi-governmental sector

  • 2015

    Vodafone VIS

    Customer Service Supervisor

    Fortunately, had been a part of customer delighting and team motivation

  • 2016

    E-life HUB

    Entrepreneur & Managing Director

    Happily I set up my digital marketing consultation hub

  • 2018

    Seeking New Challenge

    Lock me in

    Currently I am working on my masteral degree in business adminstraion